Adolescent Therapy

I have had a passion for working with adolescents since 1978, when I started working with youth at the second oldest runaway shelters in the U.S. I worked with both the teens and their families who were in crisis and in need of short and long-term interventions.

My most recent work with teens was as the therapist at Holyoke High School in Holyoke, Mass. There, I was faced with teens who were struggling with fractured families, financial stress, chronic medical issues, violence and sexual issues including pregnancy which created complicated relationships with family and peers.

My intention is to support, help and empower adolescents and their families to navigate their often complicated realities as they develop sexually and grow emotionally into their own autonomy.

“The impact that Monica has made in the lives of Holyoke High School students is immeasurable. The guidance counselors in my dept. as well as the schools’ administration and teachers consistently look to Monica for her expertise working with youth.”
— K.P. Guidance

“Literally and figuratively Monica met kids “where they were. With each client she forges deep trust that significantly impacted them academically, behaviorally socially and emotionally”. Monica was tireless and creative in her efforts to meet the kids’ needs.”
— J.B. vice-principal

“Monica is a gifted and deeply compassionate therapist who is admired and respected by students, parents and teachers. Her depth of experience and wisdom in her work has broadened our ability to reach adolescents in need of mental health services.”
— M.F. – Director of HHS Teen Clinic

“Monica - thank you - If it wasn’t for you I think me and my mother would’ve never built our relationship again.”
— A.C. 15 years old

“Thank you for listening to me and hearing me when there was no one else to listen. I know that trying to get myself in a positive mind state will take time but thanks to you I am on the right track again!”
— C.C. 18 years old