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Keys to Music, 20" x 30" - Acrylic, oil and alkyd paint, acrylic gels,
modeling paste, pumice and pigmented inks on canvas

The images in this painting and the paintings "Bottles of Light" and
"One Light come from near Casa de los Artistas, our home and studio in Mexico,
particularly from our nieghbor Edgars home. The beautiful antique horns, keys,
locks and door panels that inspire this painting were photographed at his home.
It is one of a series of paintings I began on the theme for my exhibition at the
D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield, MA.
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fortuity detail
Keys to Music - detail
Trompe’loeil key/shadow, thread, string and tape painted
with acrylic, oil and alkyd.

Keys to Music - detail
Trompe’loeil tape and painted "paper" made of "acrylic skin" created with
acrylic gel and modeling paste and painted with acrylic, oil and alkyd.

The text below is the press release from the Springfield Museums

Michele & Donald D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts
July 6, 2009
Digital collage paintings by artist and teacher Robert Masla will be on view at the Michele & Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts
from July 21 through October 18, 2009

Masla’s collages juxtapose contemporary art tools such as the digital camera and
Photoshop software program with painterly techniques that he has cultivated over his 30
year career. By printing and painting on the canvas, Masla creates work that is both
abstract and hyper-realistic. He keeps the viewer engaged by alternating passages of
painted texture with images of everyday objects in his work. At times it is a challenge to
discern between the painted and the digitally enhanced areas.

The integration of old and new reflects Masla’s philosophy that there are no rules and that
each artist should use whatever tools are available for his or her creative expression.
A student of Alton S. Tobey, Masla learned to paint in a realistic manner and to use his
own photographs as resource material at an early age. Mixing It Up: Digital Collage
Paintings by Robert Masla is a culmination of many years of work and integrates his early
lessons with contemporary thought and expression. His quest for personal truth and his
ever-evolving spiritual life continue to inform his work.

Contact Info
If you are interested in commissioning a work or have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me:

Robert Masla
962 Apple Valley Road
Ashfield, MA 01330


You can also email me at:
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You can also see and purchase my work in Northampton, Massachusetts


132 Main St. Northampton, MA 01060 • 413 586-3964

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838 E. 65th St., Indianapolis, IN 46220-1611 Phone: 317-842-1414


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Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
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