Galleries – Portraits (Contemporary)

Some years ago I had the good fortune of attending (with my son, Brahm) a wonderful “Sound Music” workshop conducted by Paul Winter at the Rowe Conference Center near our home in MA. Pauls’ music has inspired me since my early teens when I first saw him perform the “Icarus” album with his Winter Consort in Central Park. His deeply spiritual music and the connection of his music to the earth, its’ inhabitants and ecology, has always resonated with me and throughout the years I often listen to his music when I paint, particularly my “Grand Landscapes”. The idea for this series was born when Paul humbly and generously agreed to pose for my camera at the workshop.

The following 6 portraits where done for my 2009 exhibition “Mixing It Up”, at the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts, in Springfield, Ma. I had wanted to pay tribute to artists with whom I have had personal interaction and with whom I deeply respect.