Galleries – Works of Spiritrealism

For over 30 years my painting has focused primarily on the landscape. A passion that still occupies me to this day. I work to uncover the universal language contained within the natural world, filling the common daily setting with an aura of mystical divinity and the suggestion of other worldly experiences. However, on occasion I create works that don’t fit into neat categories, this page contains a few of these. Regardless of stylistic approach or genre, I see my path as an artist as a way of life, a way seeing and being in the world. I have always said the greatest work of art, is the way we live our life, joining in the creation to manifest something that is hopefully, more than the sum of it’s parts, as well as a thing of beauty. In the 1970’s I coined the term Spiritrealism to describe how the spiritual can manifest in the so-called mundane realities of every day life. “We are given the opportunity to participate in creation every day of our lives. Creating art is a form of worship, a form of spirituality born through creative living that connects us to the cultivation of humanity and the fabric of the universe. A process that has been going on since the dawn of civilization”. – Masla