Sex Therapy

I am a board certified Sex Therapist through AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists). As a sex therapist I am committed to helping individuals listen to and understand the truths their physical and emotional bodies are sharing and to work towards removing obstacles that keep us all from living sexually and sensually fulfilling lives. Sex therapy is talk therapy often involving exercises to practice at home.

I take seriously the level of integrity and respect required to do this work and I feel privileged to help individuals reclaim their passion, which is life energy, affecting all areas of our lives.

Issues commonly discussed include:

  • Desire/ discrepancy in relationship
  • Establishing and/or renegotiating relationship contract
  • Regenerating sexual interest/passion
  • Integrating a sexual and passionate life with parenting
  • Expanding oneís self definition and expanding oneís sense of sensual/erotic self within all relationships and in all areas of oneís life
  • Pre-orgasmic concerns
  • Sexual challenges in regarding aging
  • Sexual exploration and expression when dealing with disability and illness

I work with both individuals and couples. I also facilitate Sex Positive groups for women, men, teens and couples. Click on link for Letís Talk About Sex: Adolescent Groups or Womenís Group for more information and to register for the next series.

ďThe sexual organs express the human soul more than any other pat of the body. They are not diplomats. They will tell the truth ruthlessly.Ē
— Issac Bashevis Singer